The Better Bundle G400

The Better Bundle G400

The Good Bundle G400

The Genesis 400ST Hardside waterbed mattress features one-layer of fiber plus one lumbar layer (back support). Rated at 70% wave reduction, this mattress is the best value for a semi-waveless mattress!

As low as $330.00
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  • Sanctuary Stand up Liner 
  • Fill and Drain Kit 
  • Quantum Analog Full Watt Solid State Waterbed heater

Genesis 400 ST, Featuring:

  • 2 Layer Motion Control with Extra Body Support 
  • Specially Formulated Pearlized Azure Vinyl 
  • Smooth Top with T-Seam Construction 
  • 1" Double Strength Corners 
  • 4-Way Corner Tethered Support System 
  • 20 Year Limited Warranty 
  • Imported 
  • Free Liner 
  • Free Fill and Drain Kit 
  • Free Shipping to Continental U.S. Destinations 
  • Lowest Price Guarantee!
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