Adjust-A-Rest Plush - Top Only

Adjust-A-Rest Plush - Top Only

Adjust-A-Rest Pillowtop - Top Only

Adjust-A-Rest Pillowtop, Top Only with Single or Dual Chamber, Air Pump, and Remote Control.

The Adjust-A-Rest Pillowtop has the same vulcanized rubber mattress with a whisper-quiet solid-state air pump and remote control as the Adjust-A-Rest Plush, but the Adjust-A-Rest Pillowtop features an extra luxurious pillowtop.

As low as $834.99
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Adjust-A-Rest Pillowtop - Top Only Featuring:

  • Top Only (Coverlet for your foundation is available) 
  • Designer Damask Fabric 
  • European Vulcanized Air Chambers 
  • Available in Single or Dual Chambers 
  • 20 Year Limited Warranty 
  • Lowest Price Guarantee! 
  • Free Shipping to Continental U.S. Destinations

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